20 July 2012

TuttiFun - Early Literacy

TuttiFun is pleased to share some exciting news!

In addition to the Toddler Playgroup we have developed, we are also pleased to announce an Early Literacy Program! For children from 18 months the program is designed for early literacy introduction. Each term has 6 classes and each class is for 75mins.

Language development starts from birth and when a child has acquired early reading skills, literacy comes easily. With this belief, TuttiFun has crafted a program that has equal focus on both Chinese and English as each lesson teaches both phonics and Chinese word recognition.

Venue: Bt Panjang (near Bt Panjang Plaza)
Dates: Starting Sept Sat morning 11am to 1215pm.
(depending on the age group of the children, we may spilt the groups into 2 sessions)

As an introductory offer, we are offering a bundle of 2-trial sessions at $70. The full term of 6 sessions is $260 and includes all materials.

The allocation of these trial slots are on a first come first served basis and upon the receipt of full payment.

If you have toddlers below 18 months, check out our Toddler Playgroup class.


  1. Hi ur preK Bilingual is for what age group onward?

  2. Hi Eileen

    Thanks for your interest in the class. PreK is for 18 mths onwards. Do drop us an email at tuttifun@yahoo.com to find out more.

  3. Do you have class for 6 yrs old on weekday evening? Where will be the location?

  4. Hi Vivien

    There are plans for older age group and weekday classes, but not in the evenings I'm afraid. Do drop us an email at tuttifun@yahoo.com for us to understand your needs. Thanks


Welcome to Happy Cottage!

I started 开心屋 - Happy Cottage because I have 凯 and 欣 in the house. Together they are the 开心 (sounds like) team.

Mommy loves Chinese language and is a big fan of Chinese story books. Thus the kids often receive interesting children Chinese story books from mommy. Many of the children Chinese story books are so beautifully drawn and well written that I like to read them myself.

Learning and loving the language is not an easy task in Singapore as our environment is not condusive enough for such learning. Thus I believe I have to create such an environment at home. Through daily communication in Mandarin and regular reading of the Chinese materials, I hope to cultivate their likings for the language. You can find many of the books in the Book Store.

Besides introducing children Chinese story books to you, I would also like to share some learning resources and tips on the usage of the language here. I've met some parents, in their best attempt to communicate with their kids in Mandarin, misread some words or used an incorrect sentence structure. You can find the information in the tabs above.

So, why is this blog written in English? I know of many parents who have kinda lost touch with the language. If I were to share in Chinese, then it may not be as effective.

Do come back often for more updates.