23 April 2012

四五快读 故事集 (storybook)

 $8.50 per book  

After the success of the 四五快读 series, the author published a story book that includes words taught in the initial set of 7 books so that children can apply what they have learnt in the reading of the stories. It gives the children a sense of achievement when they are able to read on their own.

The first 8 stories includes words taught in the initial books, and from the 9th story onwards, a few new words are introduced into each story. By the time they finish the story book, they would have learnt another 273 new words.

Sample page:


  1. Hello,

    I'm interested in this series of storybooks from 四五快读. Can you advise next steps? Thanks!


  2. Hi Cindy

    Thanks for your note. Pls email me at happy.cottage@yahoo.com

  3. Hi, I am also interested in buying together with 四五快读set. Can I view them before purchase?...

  4. Hi Catherine

    Thanks for your interest in the books. I have replied your email.

  5. interested in this. HOw many pages in this bk n how many stories in all?

    1. There are 50 stories in 110 pages, plus 4 pages of word list.


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