05 December 2011

Chinese lesson with the Christmas story

Christmas is just round the corner and the whole family is so excited about it! We kick-start our preparation for Christmas by putting up our very first Chrismas tree this year and everyone have a great time decorating the tree. Next on the list is to re-tell the Christmas story.  I told the kids we are going to celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas Day, and my DS wondered how many candles does he have to put on the cake for Jesus :D

I decided to make the Nativity story a little bit more exciting this time round by making some puppets to go along with the story telling. Thanks to the wonderful resources I found on 1+1+1=1, I was able to put the story materials together quickly.

Being so addicted to making learning materials and wanted to make full use of the materials already made, I designed some Chinese activity materials to be done after the story telling so that we can get some learning done at the same time ^.^

DD has a great time matching and pasting:

In this activity, she revised the words 一二三四五and her counting skill.

Training her fine motor skill through tracing of lines and recognising Chinese strokes.

Learning the names of the animals

Categorising 人 and 动物

DS was in a lazy-to-write mood today, so you will see that some of the woods are written by his beloved parent, some written by him. But I make sure he knows what is written on the paper.

词句重组 helps him appreciate how a sentence should be structured.

Learning how to use "我" to write something about himself.

Learning about 量词 and applying them correctly

Penmanship time. I've made tracing words for him to write over them. At the same time, the activity helps him understand how to expand on a word.

If you are interested in using the activity materials, you can download the printables here.


  1. Glad I found your blog! Hope to see many more Chinese home activities (so I can learn from you!)

  2. Glad that you like my blog. We can learn from each other ^.^


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